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Customer Data Platform Specialists

Segment Certified Partner

Tzu & Co. is one of only a few Australian Certified Segment partners.

Segment is the leading Customer Data Platform and is trusted by over 15,000 brands worldwide, including IBM, Crate & Barrel, Gap, 21st Century Fox, Instacart, and New Relic. From implementing advertising to marketing automation to data warehousing and beyond—getting customer data into business critical systems isn’t an engineering roadblock anymore.


What is a Customer Data Platform?

A Customer Data Platform is a system that enables you to:

  • Collect data from every customer touch point,
  • Unify profiles and store customer data in one place,
  • Segment customers into meaningful audiences, and
  • Activate customer data and audiences in tools needed to drive personalisation and revenue.

Why Use Customer Data Platform?

Your customers interact with your brand in a variety of places. In a single day, a customer may discover your business through an ad on Facebook, download your app to browse products, and then decide to purchase something on their laptop later that night.

This valuable data is siloed in disparate tools, making it difficult to understand exactly who your customers are and what motivates their actions. A Customer Data Platform aggregates and unifies data across every touch point, so you can understand how each part of the customer journey impacts revenue.

By taking a unified approach to data collection, your engineering team can save months of time spent integrating each marketing and analytics technology separately. Once your data is unified, you can use a CDP to build actionable segments to personalise every customer interaction. By creating target audiences with a CDP instead of your end tools, you can keep your segmentation rules and messaging consistent across channels.